Mar 18, 2017

The Lodge

1102 4th Ave, Seattle Wa, 98101

The Stats:

TypeRestaurant & Bar
Bar ServiceFull
Beer TapsOver 70
Tap RotationOften
Top ShelfMac 25, Vintage Jameson
MenuMedium / Multi-page
TV Coverage100%
Bar SizeMedium
AtmosphereCasual Restaurant
EventsTrivia Tuesday

The Story:

I enjoyed The Lodge. Its interior is beautiful and its atmosphere is very cozy. The service is friendly and you have a lot of beers and ciders to choose from. Probably the only things needed to feel like a story book setting are a couple of roaring fire places with boiling cauldrons of stew.

The are only a couple things to be aware of here: If you are not sitting at the bar then your service will likely be slow. Also it's a little bit weird that there is a doorway that leads into the bar next door and that this is where you need to go in order to use the restroom.

Otherwise I highly recommend taking the opportunity to splurge a little bit here and try the Vintage Jameson Reserve when it's in stock. 

-- Cheers to The Lodge!

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