Apr 8, 2017

Quality Athletics

121 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

The Stats:

Bar ServiceFull
Bar SizeLarge
Bar Taps6 (x2)
Tap RotationSeasonal, Single Rotated Tap
Top ShelfMac12
TV Coverage100%
EventsFriday Night Films

The Story:

This place works for groups both big and small. Their ample bar space means you can usually find a good seat with a couple friends, or get seated at a long table if you came with a crowd.

They have a changing snack menu that has not failed to please in the few times I've visited here. They also have giant, cozy-looking fire pits outside, that I have yet to see opened up for use.

While I've not had trouble finding a seat at the bar here, keep in mind this place will be packed on game days due to its proximity to the stadium.

Cheers to QA!

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